who is djsadcat

  By the time he was a teenager DJSadCat had already discovered a great  passion for music.

The legendary raves in the nineties and numerous club  events of the noughties greatly influenced his musical direction. By  2004 DJSadCat had taught himself the skills required to become a  successful DJ, creating his own mixes and mix tapes. It was during private parties in  these early days that his talents were recognised by others and high  demand for his work required him to turn professional. When discussing his musical style, DJSadCat states, “My sound is Urban with a touch of Reggae. Funky and House influence my  sets too. I take my cue from the crowd”. DJSadCat knows his craft and has an understanding of what people want  to hear at each venue. He loves to interact with the crowd and move  people. His ability to read the crowd and select the right music to play is what has brought him from intimate to  mass venues. DJ Sad Cat has played for a wide variety of artists across a huge range  of locations throughout Dubai, the UAE and internationally. Currently he  plays regularly to a crowd of 2000 and for world class artists from  across the globe. !   


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